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Virgin Vloggers…

Yesterday, I was delighted when a Bobanger, albeit reluctantly, dropped their first ever TikTok video (after much badgering from me)! I find it so inspiring to see other people stepping outside of their comfort zone and I always have a great deal of admiration for those who do.

For some individuals, appearing or speaking on camera can seem quite overwhelming, and so if there is anyone out there who would like to drop a video, but are a little nervous, please feel free to duet one of mine. That way, if you do end up looking like a cunt, at least you’ll be in the company of an experienced one!

My top tip for recording is to try not to focus too much on the thought of all the people who will be watching your video, but instead just create it as though you are talking to a friend. I find that this seems to result in a more natural, personal feel, which always seems to translate well to the audience.

Also, try not to over think things, either, and just look at it along the lines of “what’s the worst that can happen”? Quite a few people have mentioned to me that the fear of being criticised/ridiculed by non creating, faceless accounts really hinders them. If this is you, just remember that, despite what these rabid trolls might say, you are already way ahead of the likes of them who aren’t even trying! Critics with zero credentials I call them!

So to finish, all that’s left for me to say is that I shall genuinely look forward to being tagged in, and watching, all your “first” videos this weekend!

Lots of Love, L x

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