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Today’s blog is about “mistakes”. We all make them and none of us are perfect. That’s the beauty of being unique, individual, free thinking, organic beings. Making mistakes is a fact of life and anyone with any sense uses them as an opportunity to reflect, to learn, to improve and for personal growth.

For me, though, it is not necessarily the mistake which I find the most offensive, (although of course this depends upon the severity of it) but the denial of it and the refusal of individuals to accept responsibility for their actions. This, then, compounds the original wrong doing, ten fold, and makes matters far worse.

Admitting to ones mistakes is the first step towards showing true remorse. For how can a person be genuinely sorry for something, when they deny ever having done it?

Which brings me on to denial. Denial really is, in my opinion, the worst kind of lie people tell, because it is the lie they tell themselves. Whilst this may seem comfortable in the short term, in the long term all it does is create a self-imposed personal prison within which they have to exist. These people, quite literally, become the architects of their own misery. Denial, as they say, is the beginning of the end.

So if you’ve been a cunt, admit it, or as the yanks, quite hideously, say “own it”. Acknowledging where we have fallen short is essential if we are ever to embark on the necessary lessons required to make sure we never repeat the same mistake or, at the very least, ensure that we fail better next time. Try thinking about it in terms of “I never lose, I either win or I learn”.

And to all those out there, in the throes of deeply entrenched denial, who commit despicable acts, and who do not have the backbone or courage to acknowledge them, remember that the house of delusion is cheap to build but very draughty to live in, and it always falls. Always.

Have a great Wednesday, Bobanger’s, and be mindful to withdraw from deluded, deceitful cunts who try and involve you in their insanity. They really are wank stains on the bed sheets of humanity! Lies scar the soul and theirs must, quite honestly, be obliterated (assuming they ever had one to start with)!

Lots of Love, L x

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