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MeAgain & The Artist Formerly Known As Prince..

What an absolute fuck fest! In my opinion, it was extremely wicked, actually, scrap that, I mean downright evil for MeAgain and the Artist Formerly Known As Prince to make an accusation of racism against one member of the Royal Family, but not to name them.

Anyone who is passionate about eradicating racism would surely want the culprit named and reprimanded or, even better, reeducated? What Dumb and Dumber have actually done is far worse - left a huge cloud of suspicion hanging over everyone in the Royal Family and initiated a guessing game slabberfest trial by social media. Have they spared a thought for the toll this may take on the mental health of completely innocent individuals within that family? No they have not. Once again, they do not extend the same courtesy to others which they demand for themselves.

Additionally, if they are going to tell a story to millions of people around the world, at least try and get it to match, it’s really not hard. I’m referencing HazMat saying the racist comment was made before they got married, whilst MeAgain states it was whilst she was five months pregnant.

To then go on and suggest that MeAgain did not have any access to mental health professionals is, frankly, staggering and detracts from the millions of people who suffer with mental health conditions and cannot be seen by anyone because the NHS waiting list is years long and, unlike these pampered prats, they don’t have the luxury of going private.

Their child not being made a Prince is nothing whatsoever to do with race. It is because of Royal protocol which has been in place for 100 years. It is very straight forward, the Great-Grandchildren of the Monarch cannot obtain the title of Prince/Princess. Once Charles takes the throne, this will change matters - although why they’d want their son to have the title, when they loathe the very institution it represents is somewhat baffling. MeAgain cited “protection“ as the reason she wanted it - more lies, when neither Eugenie or Beatrice have such security and yet are “Princesses”.

MeAgain bleated to Oprah that she couldn’t take her phone calls for an interview before the wedding because she wasn’t “allowed”. Surely, if you’re an independent, free thinking feminist, that was your cue right then and there to put the brakes on the wedding. The claim that she knew not of what she was getting into is dishonest in the extreme. No one offered any advice or help to them, apparently, which is hardly surprising when the pair of clowns threw a hissy fit of Meg-a proportions when William merely “suggested” they have a longer engagement so as to help Me-Me acclimatise to the role. No, what MeAgain wanted, MeAgain got.

I know they obviously aren’t the sharpest tools in the box, but to spend the interview trying to emphasise how “nice” the Queen is, whilst ripping into the very institution she presides over just made them look foolish at best, unhinged at worst. I’m opting for the unhinged.

Anyone out there who believes this pair of grifters tale of woe, without actually verifying it, is clearly not intellectually robust and they have my pity. Empty vessels usually find it a lot less taxing on the brain to shout “BLM” and “Mental Health Matters” (if you happen to be both, even better - just add a wheelchair and a confused gender in for a Brucie bonus).

The truth, as they say, is out there should you choose to read, research and avail yourself of it. Sadly, it seems that all these militant far left liberals, who are destroying this Country by the day, are too busy foaming and frothing at the mouth and reacting to woke buzz words and inciting the very hatred they claim to despise.

And as for these band wagon hopping American Ceplebs, who think we want their insane “insights” into the matter. Don’t bother. We don’t. Let’s not forget, that these are the folk who probably still think Europe is one big country. In other words, none too bright. The very same people who started the #metoo hysteria, which Meg-lomania clearly thought was a movement all about her.

Lastly, for the people who come at my TikTok comedy videos about the hypocritical MeAgain and the Half Blood Prince, claiming they are “hate speech” all I have to say is that there is a massive difference between “hate speech” and hating someone’s speech. As Ricky Gervais once said “Just because you’re offended, it doesn’t make you right” and the quicker the militant left woke mafia start extending everyone the freedom of expression and speech, which they profess to champion, the better.

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