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Manic Monday ...

Fabulous day here at Bobang Towers, I’ve been working with a local artist to bring you something very special to the online shop. I can’t wait to show you all. A day of sketches today, which I enjoyed creating and performing enormously. I truly do have the best, sane, logical, discerning followers! People have tagged me in all sorts which, I have to say, I don’t watch because it gets blocked straight away. What these very tiny minority of clowns, who are hating on a comedy account, don’t realise is that their Loubobang fan pages just send traffic to my page and boost my algorithm, so it’s all good for me! Hope you all had a wonderful Monday and I look forward to fucking up the rest of the week for snowflakes, melts, the P.C brigade, self appointed busy bodies and the bullying “anti-bully” groups. This girl is on fire and all they do is give me the fuel needed to keep it burning bright. As I always say, I’m like a teabag - the hotter the water the stronger I get. Love L x #ukcomedy

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