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About 5 months ago I struck up a friendship on TikTok with an amazing, beautiful & talented young DJ called Richelle, who is a “Bobanger”. Despite not knowing much about “down wit da kidz” music, her talent was unmistakeable and I kept telling her so whenever she had down days and doubts, which all good creators experience. I’m delighted to say that KISS FM radio clearly feel the same way too, because she has been given a slot on the station tomorrow, 24th November, at 11pm (Freeview 712 Kisskube app kiss fresh). I do hope you will all tune in. It’s super exciting because she has actually sampled Loubobang’s “365 Days” audio on to one of the tracks. So listen out for it. So proud of you, DJ Richelle, you’re going to smash it. Lots of love, Lou & The Bobang Gang x

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