• loubobang

Empowered Women...?

I really do detest people who spout trite, throwaway comments that they’ve read somewhere online and then milk them, until they are devoid of any meaning entirely. Case in point on TikTok this morning, “empowered women, empower other women” - Says who exactly? I didn’t have any cunt around empowering me. I empowered myself. And a little piece of free advice, if you’re waiting around for someone to come and empower you, you‘ll be waiting a fucking long time, so take responsibility for yourself and get on with it. As for the sheeple who quote this kind of shit, I’d suggest that they try and develop an original thought - preferably one that hasn’t been spoon fed to them by a meme. 🐑 #loubobang #ukcomedy #comedy #originalcomedy #tiktok #youtube

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